Thomas Haden Church talks American Dog

Over on SciFi Wire Thomas Haden Church, who’s in that other little summer movie, talks about his experiences providing the voice for Buttons, a rabbit from Disney Animation Studios future release "American Dog".

"They hired me a couple of years ago, and [we] went through, God, at
least a year and a half of them coming to Texas or me going to L.A.,
and we’d record a bunch of stuff," Church said in an interview while
promoting Spider-Man 3. "Then in October or November they came
to San Antonio, because they really wanted to get some more stuff
recorded. The director [Chris Sanders, who also originated the story,]
and producers and writers met me, and I could tell that something was
going on, that something had shifted."

That something, of course, was John Lasseter showing Sanders the door when he wouldn’t listen to Lasseter’s suggestions. (Link)