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Taking the Bus to Disney World

If you’re staying off site, there are plenty of ways to get to Walt Disney World, but most of them require relying on a hotel shuttle, renting a car, or taking a taxi. Walt Disney World just provided the local public bus transportation company, Lynx, with over $200,000 in extra funds to expand their current bus routes later into the night. The primary goal is to provide Disney employees with an extra transportation option, but a couple of the routes work just fine for tourists as well.

The Orlando Tourism blog at the Orlando Sentinel reviews the options and recommends taking advantage of ‘route 50’ which goes direct from the Ticket and Transportation Center to SeaWorld every 30 minutes. One of the other great ‘features’ of a couple of these routes, you get to see some of the backstage areas used by the Resort to make the magic happen. Not all that exciting if you see it everyday. But it can be a fun experience if you’re into seeing how everything works.