Pirate’s Keira Knightly Promo Pics

Lest we forget, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End opens in less than a month. I’m a little underwhelmed by the promotion campaign so far. But then maybe I’m just not watching the right shows on TV. What are you seeing out there in the rest of America?

In the meantime here are 20+ promo pics of the new meaner, kick ass, very sexy Elizabeth (Keira Knightly) in her Asian influenced outfit.

1 thought on “Pirate’s Keira Knightly Promo Pics”

  1. Hi John-
    Well, I am in agreement with you in terms of what I see on TV or hear on radio–but being a semi-frequent visitor to Burbank Airport at the Southwest Terminal, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, and the rest of the cast are staring down at you from every gate in the terminal and at the baggage claim, there are HUGE posters and pics all over the walls as well as one poster that covers the parking garage. If you fly in and out of Burbank Airport (right near Disney’s home stomping grounds), you cannot miss the advertising…

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