Kermit’s love of Ford Hybrid continues…

Muppet Newsflash notes that Kermit has been picked up as the spokesman for the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid. This is the second year Kermit has lent his green credence to the green SUV.

Video footage includes Kermit in reporter garb "on location in the
Internet" announcing the 2008 Escape, Kermit dressed in a Ford lab coat
inspecting the 2008 Escape, Kermit backpacking through the wilderness
and Kermit relaxing on a log in the swamp. The videos are also slightly
interactive, as visitors can attempt to "tickle" Kermit with their
mouse and Kermit will occasionally harass visitors if they linger too
long on the page. Five videos of Kermit are embedded throughout in the
site, through links accessible off the front page.

It’s nice to see the Muppets making some money these days. I miss the days when they were regular visitors to my house via their television show.