High School Musical 2 to premiere August 17th

Filming for the sequel to The Disney Channel’s popular movie High School Musical recently wrapped up. And the news of the official Disney Channel premiere for the second chapter was released at the recent Disney Channel Games at Walt Disney World. August 17th is the big date and it’s sure to break viewing records for cable networks.

So what’s High School Musical 2 about?

Still bummed that she was upstaged in the first movie, Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) plots her revenge. She arranges for Troy (Zac Efron) to land a summer job at her family’s country club and tries to isolate him from his friends. He, however, brings his friends along to work at the club.

Undeterred, Sharpay tempts Troy with opportunities. He loses his way and alienates his pals.

"The first one was about following your dreams," Marsh says. "This, thematically, is about: What’s important to me? Is it the material trappings of life that count? Or is it friends and family? This is Troy’s sense to locate his own personal moral compass and make sure he follows it."

It sounds like a lot of great songs will be included. It will also center around a high school sport, this time baseball.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, remember that HSM 3 is planned to be released to movie theaters. So you can get your big screen fill of all your favorite HSM stars. (Link)