LOST heads toward season finale

Just five episodes left in this season of LOST. They tried a new time slot and a new way of bunching the episodes. All in all, I’d give the new bunched episode season a thumbs up and the new later time slot a thumbs down. I almost always have to time shift my viewing of LOST when it’s shown at 10PM. I think that accounts for a significant portion of the supposed ratings slump.

Entertainment Weekly
has a great article that will catch you up on the seasons, reveal some of the mechinations behind the appearance and then death of Paulo and Nikki, and they throw in a few small spoilers for good measure too.

So were you glad to see Paulo and Nikki go? Or is your faith restored in the show’s producers with that move?

3 thoughts on “LOST heads toward season finale”

  1. The death of Nikki and Paolo almost worries me MORE than the way they were introduced.

    At what point does listening to and appreciating fans become pandering?

    Shouldn’t we trust their vision and shouldn’t they trust their viewers?

    I don’t have the answers and I’m a little conflicted, but I have LOVED this season!

  2. I’m glad they’re gone. I never liked them and I’m glad they got rid of ’em. Oh, and a nice touch with the fact that they were buried alive.

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