Dropping Buena Vista

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Ending an era, Disney’s going to drop the "Buena Vista" name used for Buena Vista Distribution and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, in an attempt to strengthen the Disney name.  From Bloomberg:

Before Buena Vista, Disney’s pictures were distributed by Columbia Pictures, United Artists and RKO Radio Pictures.

Named for the Burbank, California, street where the studios and corporate headquarters are located, Buena Vista became Disney’s name for divisions such as its music group and software publisher.

Don’t forget Lake Buena Vista at Walt Disney World Resort, too.  I was relieved to see this:

The company will continue to use the Touchstone, Miramax and Pixar film studio names.

Touchstone and Miramax are branding for films that wouldn’t fit the "Disney" image.  "Disney" is supposed to mean something distinct, and if the company wants to continue to make movies that don’t fit that image, it needs those brands.  "Buena Vista" is used in many other places that have nothing to do with The Walt Disney Company, so it is probably good to retire it.