Sawtooth Palm Frond sends Guest to Hospital at Disneyland

Part of me wonders why I’m even posting this. But ABC News in Los Angeles is reporting that a 17-year old girl was struck and cut by a falling palm frond while riding the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. It was a blustery day at the old 160-acre woods and the tree branch scrape the guests neck. She was taken to the hospital to assess the extent of the injury.

I’ve been at the park on some pretty windy days and have even been hit by falling branches a couple of times. I’m sorry she was taken to the hospital. But the question raises is what could Disneyland have done to prevent a falling palm frond? Do they have to check every branch every day for weakness? Or are they just responsible for keeping a general sense of good care for the attraction and its foliage?   

1 thought on “Sawtooth Palm Frond sends Guest to Hospital at Disneyland”

  1. These kinds of stories always get me. There is so much more important and relevant news to report, and yet something that happens on ordinary streets all of the time gets reported because it happened at a Disney park.

    I guess the news editors assume that enough of the general public actually believes that Disney parks are so magical, that it is ACTUALLY distinct from the “real” world.

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