Give Meet The Robinsons A Chance

Sometimes a comment is so good, I want to make sure y’all get a chance to see it. Mikey Polunzy read this article at SeekingAlpha (one I read too, but chose to ignore and concentrate on the good news from the week two box office) and left this reply in the comments:

I believe quality goes a long way.  I took my son to see Meet the Robinsons on Friday and must enthusiastically disagree with Scott Rothbort. Rothbort called the movie a "stinker" because he fell asleep. [ed. actually Rothbort’s companion fell asleep] I don’t believe that a person who slept through all but the last 15 minutes of a movie has any place to judge that movie and post that on a reputable site such as The 15 minutes Rothbort did see he declared "the best."  Perhaps Rothbort thought this was the best part of the movie because his eyes were open.

Rothbort must have also been sleeping when the rest of us learned that Disney Feature Animation and Pixar Animation are two different animation studios. While Pixar has been unstoppable, Disney Feature has struggled to find the caliber of movies it had made in the 90’s. With Disney’s acquisition of Pixar they have been strengthened financially and creatively. John Lasseter, the creative front man of Pixar, is now chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios and principal creative advisor, Walt Disney Imagineering. One of his first accomplishments was cutting 60% of the original Meet the Robinsons and adding strong characters to an already strong story. Lasseter succeeded and contributed to the strongest Disney movie since Lilo and Stich. There were also obvious efforts to polish the Disney brand, tarnished by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Meet the Robinsons was the first step in the right direction, and a large step at that.

If the purpose of Rothbort’s article was to discourage people from investing in Disney based on his opinion of one movie, it is weak financial advice. Sramana Mitra submited an article illustrating all the good reasons to invest in Disney.  Concerning the movies, yet to come this year are Pirates of the Caribean: At World’s End and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. These movies will break the box office.  A sleeper hit will be Enchanted. The first true traditionally animated attempt since Home of the Range, Enchanted has enlisted the talents of Stephen Schwartz (lyrics) and Alan Menken (music).  Alan Menken has more Oscars than anyone living today and is expected to earn another for his work on Enchanted. I believe Rothbort’s true purpose was to make himself feel better about sleeping through a movie he paid $8 for by telling himself that it would not have been worth watching if he had stayed awake.      

In conclusion, The Walt Disney Company is more solid financially and creatively now than it has been in some time. Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company has his priorities in the right places and the company will continue to improve significantly over the next  5 years. If Scott Rothbort found this article hopefully he was able to stay awake long enough to learn something about one of the greatest companies in the country.

Thanks Mikey for the great comment. Rothbort may not have slept through the movie himself, but you certainly make me want to go see it with my son.

6 thoughts on “Give Meet The Robinsons A Chance”

  1. Be sure to see it in 3D. The images really come alive in that format. I was dubious going in (those 3D things never work right for me), but it was so much better than I expected.

  2. Anyone who is panning Meet the Robinsons just wasn’t paying attention. The movie was old fashioned Disney, and damn if we haven’t been waiting a LONG time for that sort of quality to make a return.

  3. eh. I gave it a chance, in 3D, but I found that it had way too many voices in the begenning/middle. The film really came around at the end but all that did is remind me of what was missing from the first half. It has a heart that really takes you by surprise that is nice but not enough, I am a true disney fan and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. I disagree I found the begining and middle to be great, but the conclusion was clumsy and forced. There were a ton of continuity problems (come on people this is a time travel movie!!). It seemed they tried to hard to have a heart warming farwell scene. When the film and the heart warming scene would of happenend if they played it out the way it should have. Not a bad film. The 3d was cool. I loved the character design. I also loved bowler hat guy, and goobs. I can only lightly recommend it.

  5. The author of “Give The Robinsons a Chance” blog posting obviously did not read my blog entry with full comprehension. If they did then they would get the facts straight. Furthermore, if the author feels that Disney (DIS) is such a great company, are they long stock? If so, they did not make that disclosure. If not, then I suggest putting their money where their mouth is.

  6. Curiously enough, the only scenes in the movie that don’t work at all are the ones in which we actually “Meet The Robinsons”. The zaniness is forced and excruciating, especially during the food fight. The Robinsons work in the book because the treatment is understated. I liked everything else and consider this movie a move in the right direction.

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