Tim Burton’s Vincent to enter 3D world

If you own the The Nightmare Before Christmas (Special Edition) DVD then you’ve seen how wickedly funny Tim Burton’s short film Vincent is. It’s a clever spoof on the Frankenstein story (oops) with narration by Vincent Price (which makes it worth the price of the DVD by itself). Now comes word that Vincent will get the Real-3D treatment for a future theatrical release. It will play in front of the holiday re-release of Nightmare this October (which got the Real-3D treatment last year). So it’s double good news for those who didn’t catch the 3D version of NBC last year.

I don’t think the new 3D is going anywhere. The Meet The Robinsons 3D opening weekend box office results of $7.1 million (which represented 28% of the film’s overall three-day gross of $25.1 million on just 13% of the screens) proves that.