Box Office for Meet The Robinsons

According to Box Office Mojo, "Meet the Robinsons" came in second place at the Box Office this weekend, to yet another Will Ferrell goofy guy flick. "Blades of Glory" netted $33 million and "Meet the Robinsons" earned $25 million. Both films might be in for a tough second weekend when a new pair of comedy/youth films open.

It’s worthwhile to note that the 600 theaters where "Meet The Robinsons" played in Disney Digital 3D, scored better box office numbers (nearly twice as large) than those showing the regular 2D versions. Walt Disney Feature Animations most recent release "Chicken Little" opened to $40 million. So either consumers stayed away after feeling burned by "Chicken Little" or they read the mixed reviews and decided to wait. (Read)

2 thoughts on “Box Office for Meet The Robinsons”

  1. Thanks for that detail about the 3D vs 2D box office for MTR. I do believe those of us who saw it in 3D had a far better experience, especially if it was on very large screens; the crisp detail on the visuals and the immersive experience made it a lot easier to overlook the film’s shortcomings in storytelling and character development.

  2. I had no idea it was in 3-D until we went up to the box office, were floored by the price and handed glasses for the entire party. It was a fun movie. Not sure what the gripes are, other than the movie was all over the place. The kids loved it and I found it to be entertaining. What more can we ask for? It had some nice messages in it too for those who look for such thing.

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