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Disney to build indoor sports arena

When Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex was conceived for the Walt Disney World Resort, management had plans for it becoming something of a fifth gate for the tourist destination. Alas, the attraction aspect of the park never really took off. Instead the sports complex makes its money by booking in hundreds of sports tournaments and events (like training camps for the NFL and MLB) throughout the year.

It’s been no secret that Disney has been looking for ways to expand their indoor sport offerings for years. A new partnership with Josten’s (yes, the Yearbook company) will aDwws_10_logo
llow them to do just that. A new 70,000 square foot indoor arena will be built in an area adjacent to the soccer fields area, currently an undeveloped zone of the property.

The arena will hold six basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts,
two roller hockey rinks, four locker rooms, two conference areas and two
officials’ rooms. So I imagine it will enable WWoS to greatly expand their tournament offerings.

In a move that has upset some Disney fans, the announcement was made as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration for Disney’s Wide World of Sports, yet Disney officials have announced there will be no 25th Anniversary celebration for Epcot. If a failed fifth gate deserves an anniversary event, surely the second biggest gate on property deserves one too. (images courtesy the Walt Disney Company) (Read)