New Meet The Robinsons Walk Arounds

Lewis, Wilbur Robinson, and Bowler Hat Guy, are the new walk around characters from the new Walt Disney Pictures computer animated film "Meet the Robinsons." Here they pose in the Animation Courtyard at the Disney-MGM Studios. The trio will be on-hand at the Disney-MGM Studios to meet and greet Walt Disney World Resort guests starting March 23, 2007, one week prior to the film’s nationwide release. No word where the characters will be at the Disneyland Resort.

I’m not surprised that these are mask characters. Disney just doesn’t do face characters unless they’re a prince or princess these days. But it does seem like Lewis and Wilbur would have been good candidates for face characters.

"Meet the Robinsons" follows the adventures of Lewis, a boy-genius who is whisked to the future by a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson after the dastardly villain Bowler Hat Guy steals Lewis’ memory-scanning invention. It’s then up to Lewis and Wilbur to retrieve the invention before Bowler Hat Guy can alter the course of the future world.

"Meet the Robinsons" opens in select theaters nationwide March 30, 2007. (Photo Courtesy Disney – Kent Phillips, photographer)

5 thoughts on “New Meet The Robinsons Walk Arounds”

  1. I think there’s a reason why only princes and princesses are face characters. Last fall I saw a woman standing all alone with a handler, waiting for people to come up for pictures. It took me several minutes to figure out who she way — Kim Possible! With just the black shirt and olive cargo pants, it was clear that no one could figure out who she was supposed to be.

  2. During our recent trip to Disneyland, I was surprised to see face characters for Peter Pan, Wendy, and Cruella DeVille. The Cruella actress was really good, she had the voice and wisecracking down, and at one point she had an impromptu boxing match with Donald Duck.

    Speaking of Donald Duck, how come he’s persona non grata in the merchandising department? We looked and looked for Donald Duck shirts and toys for some friends, but a clerk on Main Street told me that Donald’s not very popular so they don’t stock very much of his stuff.

    So they’re telling me that Stitch is more popular than Donald Duck! That Stitch junk was everywhere.

  3. I’m A Bit Suprised;
    ’round The Time Of Atlantis And Treasure Planet’s Opening, I Believe There Were Face Characters Of Milo And Jim In (disneyland’s) Tomorrowland, Who, sadly, Don’t Seem To Show Up Anymore, Anywhere.. Kind Of A Risky Move, I’d Say, Since Not Many Will Know Who It Is Off-The-Bat As Other Face Characters, And I Suppose That’s Why They Just Decided To Stick With The Full Costumed Ones..

    that, And Finding Someone Who Can Capture The Look And The Voice..

    hmm, And I Think I Would Have Made A Good Wilbur..

    Hope To See Them Come Here To California.. They’d Be Great At Tomorrowland/Main Street (story wise), though, I’m Sure They’ll Be Placed In The DCA Backlot Like Incredibles And Chicken Little Have Gone..

  4. most likely the three characters will be in DCA’s Hollywood Backlot… that’s where they tossed the characters from Chicken Little when the movie was released.
    I think every so often you still get them out there but not as often as you might get the Pixar characters.

    Too bad I’m blacked out of the parks for the next couple of weeks ^_~

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