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Siemens’ Spaceship Earth postshow to feature Student Games

The Carnegie Mellon University Student Newspaper writes that the students of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) will be teaming with Walt Disney Imagineers and Spaceship Earth sponsor Siemens to design a collection of arcade games for the attractions post show area. The post show area…

will take the form of several exhibits that relate to health care, transportation, and energy. It will occupy 9000 square feet.

ETC master’s student DaeHong Kim said that Siemens recruited
students from the ETC in Silicon Valley to create web-based games
designed to teach gamers about Siemens. According to Kim, the games are
intended for individuals between the ages of 10 and 14.

“It’s more like an educational, casual game,” DaeHong said. He said
that gamers are expected to play less than half an hour to get an idea
of what Siemens is all about.

Here’s the blurb from the ETC Project website:

Project Spaceship Earth is a suite of arcade games collaboratively
designed by Siemens Corporation, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online,
and students at the Entertainment Technology Center. The games offer a
fun and exciting look at how Siemens technologies make our lives
better. Siemens, one of the world’s largest technology and energy
companies, is also a world leader in supporting education with key
initiatives such as Generation 21 and Siemens Science Days. Project
Spaceship Earth will serve as yet another way that Siemens hopes to
inspire the next generation of scientists, today.

Hopefully they’ll add some concept art and video blogs of the experience.

I’m so happy the ETC team gets to have this experience. I’ve worked with a couple of classes of CMU ETC students in my day job and know them to be outstandingly creative and brilliant in every way. Many of these students who helped us so much went on to land jobs at Walt Disney Imagineering, Pixar, Dreamworks, Universal, to name a few.