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Haunted Mansion Imagineering Spoof Cartoon


2719 Hyperion blog has posted a real find from the AFISA-Hollywood Animation Archives. It’s a Cast Member only, Imagineering authored, Haunted Mansion themed spoof of WED Entreprises. WED, based on Walt’s initials, was the early name for Walt Disney Imagineering. The Haunted Mansion Supplement lampoons the very organization that built the Haunted Mansion. It’s great to see WED at one of their lighter moments.

As Jeff Pepper says, "The highlight of the piece is a two-page Mad Magazine-inspired comic strip by William Barry." The image above is just one panel of the comic. It features Gaylord Ghoul (aka, the Hatbox Ghost) as a live MC for the Haunted Mansions grand opening. I also dig that skull shaped Mickey Mouse Ears Balloon. Why don’t they sell something like that at the Halloween parties?