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Yahoo Tech examines, Disney’s new family site

Disney recently unvealed the new I checked it out in Beta, but haven’t had a chance to log in and see what’s changed. For those interested in checking it out, Yahoo! Tech has a review: may be one site that draws moms who don’t think that they
are interested in a social network into social networking before they
realize that’s what they’re doing. It’s also a one-stop shop for info
on various topics, including parenting babies through teens to adults,
entertainment, education, shopping, and coupon deals. But by offering
such a variety, I wonder if it will take parents awhile to decide if
they need to go to Disney for information on a specific topic that
another web site may already cover in detail

With iVillage and both recently relaunching, it’s a great time to be a mom online. Which is your favorite site? (Link)