Pirates Trailer Reveals major film spoiler?

Potctitle The best movie trailers tease the audience with enticing hints about the movie they’re promoting. Some hints are larger than others. For instance, the presence of Captain Jack in the Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End trailer is no surprise. However, I think there is a major spoiler in the trailer that you have to be very quick to catch.

Potential Spoilers below the cut.


On the left is a screen capture of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from the trailer. Note the beads, mustache, and goatee. On the right is another screen capture from the trailer. Note the beads, mustache, and goatee. But instead of Captain Jack, it looks like one of the creatures from Davy Jones’ ship The Flying Dutchman. What role this plays in the film is unknown, but it seems odd that it would be included in the trailer unless it is Captain Jack stuck in that water grave of Davy Jones’ Locker.

Anyone have a different take?

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  1. Looks to me like he’s covered in mud. To be honest, if you look at the rest of Davy Jone’s crew, he looks nothing like them. Now, it is possible that he’s in the locker (he was after all swallowed by the Kraken) but if you compare this make-up job to Bootstrap Bill or even Davy Jones himself, the imagined similarities vanish pretty quickly.

  2. If you watch the trailer closely you’ll see that this is definitely an underwater scene and that the ‘head’ is not attached to a body, per se. It’s very similar to the Davy Jones Locker aspect. But the scene is too quick to tell for certain.

  3. [spoiler]

    Looks to me it’s probably Captain Jack’s father, played by Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, who inspired Johnny Depp in his interpretation of Jack Sparrow. So, Jack’s father would be “captured” by Davy Jones… It sounds great! I can’t wait this movie anymore!

    Take a look on this pictures of Keith Richards in pirate costume :

    Intriguing isnt’ it?

  4. oh, I wouldn’t say it’s spoiling anything, so much as it’s an inexplicable thing thrown in just to surprise us. I’d bet that barnacled Jack is seen in the process of finding/saving him.

  5. If you notice in one of the trailers, Jack makes a comment to his friends about the fact that 3 of them had already tried to kill him and one had succeeded.
    This combined with the freezeframe above indicates to me that at some point he is in fact dead. Probably some bargain is made to bring him back. At any rate, he’s clearly alive when making this statement, so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. :o)

  6. I have seen the movie, and I can assure you.
    Even though this is a good prediction, it is not part of the movie.
    It is used in a completely different way in a completely different scene.
    Keep up the good ideas, though.

  7. ya it’s used in a very different way than all of you are thinking about but some of your comments are good ideas keep comenting if you havent seen the movie (wich at this point in time I HOPE ALL OF YOU HAVE

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