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Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club now in regular soft openings

Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club (MLFCC), the latest addition to Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, is now open for regular soft openings. The attraction won’t be officially open until April 2nd, but if you visit between now and then there’s a good chance it will be open. Between March 30th and April 1st you’ll have to be an Annual Passholder or DVC member (with I.D.) to get in.

Now, longtime readers of this blog know I happened to luck into the very first public preview of the show. You can read that review here. I also managed to catch a show last Sunday and the change was dramatic. A lot of things were cut from the first show I saw.

  • The opening video was much shorter than originally conceived. And as they suggested guests were shown it in the queue. But amazingly enough the special effects and animations weren’t much better than what they had on that first show.
  • One of the sections I liked a lot, where they picked on people in the audience with fun monster themed pop up captions, was cut. I can totally understand why this was cut to save time and because it was very text specific. But the interactivity was very fun and it helped warm up the crowd.
  • Each comic’s segment was much shorter than the show I saw.

I wish I had time to get into a longer review of the whole show. I might after I see it a second time, perhaps this weekend. In the meantime go read Kevin Yee’s take.

Many people thought that MLFCC would totally suck. I had a good time, laughed at many of the jokes, and so did around half the audience. Most everyone was involved at some level during the show and I didn’t notice any body leaving early this time. If the show stays mostly the same every time, as it appears to have been on Sunday, I don’t think the repeatability will be very high. But you could certainly be suckered in a second time thinking that since it’s a Comedy Club the comics and jokes would be different. I know it’s harder for Disney to write a script a live show that can be different at different performances each day, but the technology is definitely there now.

With the addition of MLFCC I think it’s time that Disney finished switching Tomorrowland over to the galactic port theme of Tomorrowland-2055 (which they had originally planned for Disneyland). All that’s left is to retheme the TTA, Indy Cars, and Carousel of Progress (although perhaps they could move that to Epcot). If they’re feeling really energetic, they could convert Space Mountain into a single track coaster with a destination of some alien world somewhere (perhaps themed to The Black Hole)…

My current rating for Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club — A solid C ticket with 3 out of 5 trap doors.

3 thoughts on “Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club now in regular soft openings”

  1. I saw the show on Sunday and the little text blurbs under the audience was happening.

    The audience really seemed to enjoy the show. I enjoyed the show as well.

    It is getting a bad rep from some sites, and I can’t quite figure it out. Part of it is the repeatability factor.. and unless they do incorporate more routines, this is doing to suffer. But it really isn’t that much different than any of the shows at the Adventurer’s Club where most things are the same and there are a few variances here and there.
    I don’t think it is a better or worse replacement for TimeKeeper. I liked TimeKeeper, but after seeing it a few times and getting to the point where I was always looking at the screens where the main action wasn’t happening, it did get old.
    I agree with your ratings.

  2. I got to see one of the soft openings last week, and enjoyed it too. I have to say, I do miss Time Keeper, although I bet I’m the only one. It is in the “cursed location” in Tomorrowland, though, so we’ll see how long this lasts.

  3. Having just returned from my own WDW annual pilgrimage, we had a chance to see this. I think the feature will hold up passably well if they do some judicious revamping of some of the routines every six to twelve months (how many repeat customers, other than the Truly Dedicated, are going to be more frequent than that?). I agree with the observation that the show seems to just suddenly stop — a bit more polishing and visitor feedback is needed, I think. But it was still amusing fun, there were plenty of laughs of all ages around the theater, and I plan to drop by at least once again (next time we visit) to see how it holds up.

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