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LOST Cast Interviews

Two interesting interviews with cast members from ABC’s hit Television show LOST. Yunjin Kim is interviewed by the New Zealand Herald as they cover her trip from Seoul to Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Kim is a big star, not just through her international break-out role on Lost but in Korea where she is known for breaking box office records. She is sometimes referred to as "the Korean Julia Roberts".

"I’m actually the very first Korean actress to cross over to Hollywood, so that’s special," she says, with pride rather than arrogance. "I’m on a show where I’m actually speaking Korean. It’s really odd."

The other interview is with Evangeline Lilly, who is rumored to be unhappy with her new found celebrity status. She’s admittedly been having some hard times with friends getting arrested for drunk driving, her house burning down, and reporters prying into her private life.

I’m getting really excited about the rest of this season. I’d love to have a few more ‘big’ moments (discovery of the hatch, benry’s first appearance, Walt’s kidnapping), but we’ve been getting answers and the plot is moving forward faster than usual now. Good stuff!