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A Reporter is Thrilled to See Club 33

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Jennifer Huffman of the Napa Valley Register takes readers inside Disneyland Park’s Club 33 (and backstage), and there’s even a photo.

A short walk later we arrived at the unassuming, pale green door to Club 33, hidden in plain sight in the middle of New Orleans Square. Ornate wrought iron railings with hanging flowers set the mood of the 19th century-styled two-story building. Only a small, mirrored number 33 greeted us, as McClintock buzzed the unmarked door.

Wearing a dark suit with tie and special Club 33 nametag, Club 33 restaurant manager Michael Bracco, opened the door, welcoming us into the small entry.

If you are a veteran of Disney theme park fandom, you may recognize a name or two in the comments already posted on the website.

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    While I promised myself I’ll visit every Disney Park in the world, some parts of the park I might never get to see. One of these parts I’ll have to miss out on is Club 33 in Anaheim’s Disneyland. So I can well understand the excitement from the r…

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