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Disney’s Princess Revival

Jeff Pepper takes a look at Disney’s recent flurry of news over two upcoming films that appear to be returning to the Princess mold.

It is impossible to navigate through the many worlds of Disney entertainment these days without bumping into some aspect of its overwhelming and very successful Princess franchise. It is therefore almost hard to believe that there hasn’t been a new Disney princess in well over a decade (well, even much longer if you consider it a stretch to include Pocahontas and Mulan as Disney occasionally does).

Now suddenly, two new and distinctly different princesses are looming on the Disney animation horizon. The long in development CGI and Glen Keane-helmed Rapunzel, and the much touted return to traditional animation that is The Frog Princess are both penciled in for likely 2009-2010 releases.

I’ve been yearning for WDFA to return to the classic stories. Now it looks like I’ll get my wish. The question is, can they pull it off? (Read)