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ABCs Life on Mars slow to lift off

Last year I started watching this show on BBC America that had such good reviews, they made it all they way across the pond. Life on Mars (wikipedia) follows a two-season arc of a present day detective who is thrown back in time, to the 70s to be exact, and thrown into a world of policing and culture that is vastly different than what we experience today. The detective also has to deal with various issues surrounding his mysterious time travel and solving crimes that could lead to his eventual return to present time.

I was quite happy when ABC decided to pick up the rights to make a US version of the show. My only quandry was who they could get to play the part of Detective Sam Tyler. So it doesn’t surprise me that ABC is having a hard time finding a leading man.

It has to be someone who can do comedy and physical action with equal grace. Although there isn’t much comedy in the series, a great comedic actor can give depth to tragedy, of which there is some in Life on Mars. Themes of political correctness and class struggle loom large in the series, so perhaps ABC should look for a black actor. That would provide a powerful mirror to hold up to today’s present day world. I hear Taye Diggs is free these days. If you’ve seen the BBC show, who do you suggest for the US version?

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  1. where can one go to watch a messed spisode of Brothers and Sisters…? (tonight 11/2/08)
    My VCR was confused and did not tape it at correct time and can I watch it online?!

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