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Gatorland Jaws Icon to be restored

Good news about those iconic Gator Jaws at the Gatorland Themepark in Orlando. They can be saved and they will be restored. The jaws risked destruction after the family owned theme park’s large gift shop building was destroyed in a fire.

My Dad has taken my son to Gatorland quite a bit recently and he says they’ve got most everything up and running in great shape. I’ve driven by the park a couple times lately. The temporary entrance is working pretty well. The big admin building that also housed the gift shop is still missing. But the area has totally been cleared and it looks like they could start reconstruction any day now.

If you’re a local, check out this great Annual Pass deal for March. If you’re a visitor, when you’re in town make sure to give Gatorland a spot on your travel calendar. It’s just 12 minutes from Disney World and will provide you with a lifetime of memories.