Johnny and the Sprites gets renewed

If you’re not watching Johnny and the Sprites, you probably don’t have a toddler in the house. If you are watching JatS then you know what a great show it is. Innovative songs, great puppets, and important life lessons are packed into every episode. The show has just been renewed for a second season.

Filming takes place in New York City and many of the participants are active in the Broadway Musical scene. This includes lead John Tartaglia, who is currently staring as Lumiere in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in Broadway. (Read and Read)

18 thoughts on “Johnny and the Sprites gets renewed”

  1. Johnny and the Sprites is a great show for toddlers. My very active daughter absolutely stops everything when the theme song comes on. If she hears Johnny’s voice on a commercial, she stops to watch that too. The only problem is there is absolutely NOTHING in stores or on-line that I can get her for her birthday. No party supplies or anything!

  2. My daughter loves johnny and the sprites, the problem is that there is no merchandise. We should start a protest to Disney to release something even a DVD. COME ON DISNEY DO SOMETHING!!!!

  3. I agree! My daiughter LOVES Johnny and the Sprites and I want to get her a stuffed Sprite or something for the Holidays. Let’s get Disney to make some stuff!

  4. My daughter is almost 2 and stops everything for Johnny and the Sprites! I too would love to find ANYTHING of these cute little guys! maybe it will happen soon … the first DVD is being released March 18 … just in time for my daughter’s 2nd birthday! I wish i could party supplies though! how great to have a “sprites” birthday party!

  5. My 15 month old daughter has been watching Johnny and the Sprites for months because I thought it was a neat show! She loves to dance around to all the songs on the show, but especially the theme song. We wanted to dress her as a sprite for Halloween but there was nothing out there and there still aren’t stuffed animals or anything. Let’s get going Disney!!

  6. Johnny and the Sprites is the first tv show my 9 month old pays attention to. I’m thinking of what to do for her first birday party and have been looking for Sprite cake mold and or merchandize and no luck.

  7. My family absolutely loves Johnny and the Sprites. But I am very sad to hear this will be its last season. JATS was cancelled after the 2nd season and will not be brought back for a third. Very sad news indeed

  8. My daughter is two years old and my son is 17 months old. I know when JATS is on TV as they are completly engrossed in the TV. I have tried every place far and wide to purchase some soft JATS puppets and have had no sucess it frustrates me. Disney WHY WHY have you put this series on TV and not supplied an outlet or an online service where we in the UK can purchase the merchandise.
    I am very very sad to hear that JATS will not be running for a third season.

  9. My son is only 10 months and loves JatS, as does my husband – you could hear a pin drop when the show is on. Trying to sort out his first birthday party and can’t get any JatS items, what a pain. Think i might attempt to make the sprites!

  10. I have two girls obsessed with JatS. Where is the merchandise to go with the show?? We are trying to throw a birthday and redecorate both rooms in “Sprites” and can’t find ANYTHING except a tacky print out. HELP! You take my money for Tinkerbell…what about the Sprites?

  11. My daughter loves JatS. Why or why can we not purchase merchandise for this series? We have the DVD and the soundtrack, but my daughter would LOVE to have a Root. She makes her other stuffed animals dance to the music in JatS.

  12. My daughter and I (47) love JATS.
    On Jan 5 JATS wasn’t on and our house went silent.
    I hope JATS is back on real soon. Thanks for the show.

  13. Same here … it’s gone and we are so, so sad. Thank goodness I saved about 12 of them on our DVR – I wish I would have saved more!!! My toddler and I are just heartbroken they are gone. :o(

  14. my 2 year old cries every night because he thinks I won’t let him watch his bedtime show (JATS). At the very least they should put out a dvd with both seasons on it.

  15. My 6 1/2 month old has been watching the show since he was almost 3months old. Yes I know a 3month old watching tv but he loved the show. It would come on and he would get so excited and sit there through it all without getting fussy and watch the whole show. A good break for me to say the least. But now I am sadden because the show is not on anymore. Disney needs to come back out with the show. Everyone needs to tell Disney they need to get a third season going.

  16. My son loves Johnny and the Sprites. He asks for it all the time. Unfortunately we only got two episodes taped on our Tivo before they stopped showing them. I just sent a letter to Disney asking for a third season and I just ordered the Meet the Sprites DVD. If there is anything else anyone can think of that we can do to get them to work on a third season please let me know!

  17. FYI Johnny and the Sprites is available to download on iTunes. I too am super upset about it being cancelled, especially when I see new shows being added to the Playhouse Disney line up that just looke lame.

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