The Future That Could Have Been: Dateline 1990

This episode of Dateline Disney is from circa 1990 and features a list of upcoming projects at Walt Disney World. They were spot on about the new resorts, but that wasn’t tough since ground had been broken on all three new projects. But what’s interesting are the new attractions and greatly expanded themepark that is promised in the video.

Soviet Union and Switzerland in Epcot’s World Showcase? Tell me more (although a USSR pavillion after 1991 would be a bit embarrassing). A doubling in size for Disney-MGM Studios? Sounds too good to be true (and where would they put all the cars?). I hope you saw the clip of Jim Henson describing the Muppet Movie Ride, which would be a spoof of the larger original attraction.

So now, we have the rumors of a renaming of Disney-MGM Studios to Disney-Pixar Studios.  This would likely include an expansion of the park including the Bug’s Land children’s ride area from California Adventure and the new Carsland attraction. It would be nice to see some of these classic ideas come back too.