LOST lessons learned and unheard

A lot of interesting stuff has been happening in the world of LOST this week. First we had all the entertainment reporters clammoring over LOST’s supposed drop in ratings last week. Of course, all those reports failed to mention that the episode was broadcast on Valentine’s day and a drop in viewership is expected. Nice. I just watch the episode last night off the ol’ DVR and think it was a strong episode that really sets the show down a path toward an ultimate resolution. Lots of juicy tidbits to cogitate.

In another bit of LOST news, former cast member Michelle Rodriquez makes a post on her website that explains some of the reasons she wanted off the show and explains her actions that night when she and cast member Cynthia Watros were arrested for Drunk Driving. There’s no excuse for her actions. But hearing her side of the story makes me a little more understanding of what went on. I kinda agree that it would be nice to see her back on the show for a few more episodes (as an apparition or flashbacks obviously). I don’t think the talies got enough of their stories told. (Yeah I know that’s an unpopular position with LOST fans.)

If that’s not enough to satisfy your LOST craving, then I urge you to read this post at the web zine 10 Zen Monkeys.  It has a few humble suggestions to bring back some of the 1st season magic that fans are looking for presented in a most unique way.