Imagination Movers

If you’ve been watching Playhouse Disney on The Disney Channel recently then you’ve probably seen the interstitials with the band in the blue suits. Those are "Imagination Movers" a band formed to entertain and educate children. Imagination Movers came out of New Orleans and were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. So their tale of success is an interesting one, to say the least.

Any reason we had not to jump headfirst into this venture disappeared and so we signed with Disney. What a crazy juxtaposition that is — you sign a deal with Disney and you still are having difficulty making ends meet. Most people believed we were rich once the Disney deal came — biggest misnomer you could ever imagine. Hopefully our financial situation will improve, but the fact is: reality and perception are clearly two different things. Our main source of income is not Disney. Instead it was and is playing live.


Get Rich Slowly, a financial advice blog, has just completed a four part interview with founding band member Scott Durbin on exactly what it took to make that leap to start a Rock Band for Kids and how they’ve managed to get through the slow times..