Disney Domains Via Disney Enquirer Blog

Michael at the Disney Enquirer Blog has another round of Disney domain registration investigation up. This time it’s a long list that includes domains for a new product called ‘TV Photo’, something called ‘D-Concert’ (perhaps having to do with a Disney Channel Stars concert), and a bevy of new domains for upcoming film properties "Haunted High School Musical" and the live action "Sorcerer’s Apprentice". He also has a short list of domains he just couldn’t figure out. If you have any idea what these domains were registered for drop me a line.

  • WALTDISNEYSIGNATUREHOME.COM – probably something to do with a new line of furniture
  • DISNEYSWIZARDS.COM – something to do with the new XD service, I’d bet

1 thought on “Disney Domains Via Disney Enquirer Blog”

  1. Walt Disney Signature Home – I saw an ad somewhere for a line of furniture that was supposed to evoke the different phases of Walt’s life.. the first phase was the glitz of 30s Hollywood, kind of like the Bogart stuff from Ethan Allen. Maybe that’s it?

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