Interesting Disneyland Rumor

It appears there will be some announcements made about future enhancements to the Disneyland Resort area soon. They were probably waiting for that recent decision by the Anaheim City Council not to allow a housing project right across the street from a potential 3rd gate location (and next to the Anaheim Stadium zone too). Sounds like a possible fourth hotel will be announced.

I don’t know if this will be part of the announcement, but it sounds like Disneyland might finally take the plunge and enclose the Fantasyland Theatre. This would allow them to put on productions with Broadway caliber sets and talent at two locations in the Disneyland Resort (Hyperion Theatre at California Adventure, being the other).

The first resident of the newly enclosed theater might just be a certain Clown Fish named Nemo. Yes. That means Disneyland would have two Nemo attractions, but that’s not unheard of (Alice in Wonderland has two).

If they do decide to make this change, there will likely have to be some big changes to the backstage area in that part of the park. When they upgraded the Fantasyland stage for "Spirit Of Pocahontas" (and then "Animazement") they really built the stage and backstage areas out to the limits of the space. There is room to grow in that part of the park, but it’s limited by the existence of the old train roundhouse, which is used as a tunnel from backstage to Fantasyland right now, in the back, the actual train birm on one side, and the backstage area of Storybook Canal Boats on the other. So it could be done, it would just take some money.