Tigger won’t face charges for hitting boy

News just hit the Orlando Sentinel that Tigger, or rather the Disney Worker playing the character Tigger, won’t face charges in the video-taped incident where it appeared that Tigger hit a 14-year old boy. No word from Disney is any personnel issues remain, but I’ll post if I hear anything.

The District Attorney did the right thing here. The Disney Employee in Tigger was obviously trying to avoid further mischief by the 14-year old boy in question. Let’s see we’ve had Goofy, Tigger, and Beast all under investigation for misconduct recently. Let’s take a pool on who the next Disney character will be? Belle? The Little Mermaid?

3 thoughts on “Tigger won’t face charges for hitting boy”

  1. This should have never happened in the first place!! Tigger should have pressed charges against the kid and his father!!! Mostly his father.

    Glad that it is over(hopefully) and that the media franchises didn’t go with the story.

  2. Three cheers for Tigger!

    Also, I wouldn’t go around betting on which character might go under investigation for inappropriate conduct. It’s sick and wrong to hope for bad things to happen like that.

    Let’s hope that NOTHING like this EVER happens again–that would be the wiser choice.

  3. maybe it was the same man in all three costumes. they just didn’t want to fire the man so they switched his costumes.

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