Heroes and LOST crossover? Plus Hayden Panettierre

DarkUFO has noticed a crossover between the universes of NBC’s hit show Heroes and ABC’s hit show LOST. No, it’s not Oceanic Airlines (which is as to airlines as 555 is to telephone numbers in film/tv). Click through for the answer and possible spoiler content. The producers of both shows have been quoted saying how much they respect each other. Alas, a serious crossover appears out of the realm of possibilities, even for these two out-of-the-box shows.

Another crossover between Disney and Heroes is Hayden Panettierre. Hayden plays the self-healing cheerleader Claire on Heroes. For Disney she played the voice talent of Dot in A Bug’s Life, Suri in Dinosaur, and had a big role as the coach’s daughter in Remember The Titans. Now she’s one of their leading musical talents with an official Myspace page, where she apparently posts to her blog and you can sample her music. Her debut album is due out this Spring.