Spooky Baskmasking in LOST

Well, the second half of Season 3 kicked off with a great episode. Unfortunately the ratings dropped off. I wonder how much of that was due to the fact it starts and hour later now. I thought it was a good episode that answered a few mysteries and set up the answering of many more over the next 15 episodes. The fact that there are no breaks in the schedule between now and then makes me even more happy.

*Warning Spoiler below. If you haven’t seen the last episode don’t read below*

Over at the Lost Easter Eggs site (fun to explore, btw), they found a real hidden gem in the last show. During Alex’s boyfriend Karl’s big ‘Clockwork Orange’ moment there were words backmasked  into the soundtrack. So that when played backwards you can distinctly hear the words "Only fools are enslaved by time and space." What does this tell us about the type of experiments being conducted on the Island(s)?