Disney Dream Job

Disney and CareerBuilder have joined forces in a promotional campaign that attracts attention to CareerBuilder (which I’ve used in the past) and hopefully attracts some new cast members for Disney’s theme parks. With unemployment in the areas around Disneyland and Disney World at all time lows, the parks are having problems hiring and retaining workers. There are lots of reasons for that, but that’s the subject of another post.

In this promotion applicants are encouraged to submit an ‘audition video’ for the chance to be cast in a Dream Job at Disneyland for a day. Whether it’s a Disney Pirate, Princess-in-Waiting, Jungle Cruise Skipper, Haunted Mansion Butler or Maid, or a Parade Performer there is a dream job waiting for you.

What makes this a great promotion is that some of the applicants have been posting their audition videos on YouTube. "Bootleg Larry’s" Disney Pirate audition is great. "Rowlins" Haunted Mansion Butler audition is spooky fun too. Here are a few more to check out. Lots of Haunted Mansion Butler /Maid ones. It’s a popular attraction that a lot of people are Dying to get into.

Ooh. These are going to be hard to judge. (Thanks to Jimmy for the lead)