ESPN Relaunching it’s Mobile Phone Service through Verizon

While I don’t understand why companies insist on tying their information to one vendor in a competitive marketplace (thank Apple and the iPhone with Cingular), I do think it’s better than trying to launch an MVNO all on your own with little or no indication from the marketplace that your rate plan is sustainable. So when Disney’s ESPN Mobile failed, I was not surprised. Now Disney has signed a deal with Verizon where the ESPN Mobile content will be integrated into Verizon’s V-Cast service.

As a consumer I’d prefer to see mobile phone companies acting like the cable companies and competing amongst themselves to have the widest selection of content for the lowest prices. I already pay for Digital Cable, Broadband Internet, web hosting, VOIP phone system, and a mobile phone. I’m not interested in adding any services that don’t combine at least two of the above and save me a little money in the process. If I’m going to pay an extra $15-25 a month for internet access or an MVNO service on my phone, it had better come packed with features (free texting, photos, etc) too.