Re-Imagineering “Be Yourself”

The Imagineering Re-birth blog continues its examination of where Disney has strayed from the path set out by Walt and his original Imagineers. This time they take apart the arguments for updating various attractions and compare them against the original apocryphal story.

Walt was roaming Adventureland disguised as a floppy-hatted tourist
when he overheard an authentic tourist quip, “We don’t need to go on
this ride. We’ve already seen it.”

The guest was referring to
Walt’s beloved Jungle Cruise. Walt then decided to change a very
serious African Queen-esque river excursion into a Bob Hope road show
picture. The initial change was greeted skeptically by some purists at
first, but the light-heated cruise soon won over the lot.

The post does a good job explaining why some upgrades have been greeted enthusiastically, and some not so much. (Read)