YouTube The Robinsons

I’m trying to remember if there is a Disney Animated Feature I’ve heard less about than "Meet The Robinsons". Well there was that forgettable "Home On The Range". It worries me when Disney isn’t spending a ton of dough promoting their film. So I guess I should be comforted by the fact that not only has Disney set up a YouTube page for Robinsons, they’re shelling out the bucks for a Superbowl Ad as well.

I actually am very interested in seeing "Meet The Robinsons". I’ve never read the source material, but the clips I’ve seen are visually interesting. That’s more than I can say for "Home On The Range". I was really looking forward to Chris Sander’s "American Dog" but that’s been canceled. Sigh. Also can someone tell me why when the movie is just two months away most of the links on the official site don’t yet work?

"Meet the Robinsons" opens March 30th.