Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories illustrated!

The A-HAA blog, which chronicle’s ASIFA’s attempt to document animation history, has posted some very beautiful scans of a Little Golden Book from 1949. The book features Uncle Remus Stories as retold by the Walt Disney Studios and illustrated by some of its best animators. Mary Blair provides the cover and Bill Justice and Al Dempster the illustrations.

This book is interesting, not just for its relationship to the rarely seen Disney film, Song of the South,
but for the material that doesn’t appear in the film. Along with the
familiar stories about the Tar Baby and Brer Rabbit’s Laffin’ Place,
the book illustrates a dozen other stories like "De Great Rabbit
Terrapin Race", "Brer Fox and de Stolen Goobers" and "Why de Cricket
Fambly Lives in Chimbleys"

Sure would be nice to have a special edition version of the Song Of The South released on DVD. (Read)

4 thoughts on “Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories illustrated!”

  1. I’ve had the 1971 version of this book since I was a little kid, and now I read it to my own children. I had no idea it was unusual or rare. It’s as much fun to look at as it is to read. My kids make me do all the voices and by the end of 3 or 4 stories I’m hoarse.

  2. I am telling you what!! this book is horrible for children..it has cusing and foul language in it. NOO child of mine will intake no story by this author!!! and i mean IT!!!!!!!!!:@:@:@

  3. I have this book and love it as a piece of cultural history, but the thought that people still read it to children is saddening. It is enormosely racist and the dialect should offend anyone living in this century.

    Keep this book and treasure it if you have it. It is really something special. Just know that children don’t differentiate between what is kitchy and outdated and what is real. A read-aloud of this book with “voices” is ridiculously innapropriate.

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