Saving money on an upscale Disney visit?

Rick Munarriz of the Motley Fool has another column of excellent analysis of the Walt Disney Company. The same week Disney released the upscale promotional pictures of Annie Leibovitz, they also rolled out a new website where families can price out value-oriented vacation options at the Walt Disney World Resort. The estimated cost of that vacation went up $100 to $1600, but that’s still a steal for the access you’re afforded to Disney’s magical kingdoms.

Is $1,600 really that cheap? That was a
question that heated up our Disney discussion board earlier this month.
Naturally there are plenty of families that just can’t swing that, and
even fewer when you tack on the travel costs to get to Central Florida
as well as the busy registers ringing up marked up meals and souvenirs.

isn’t the point, though. If $1,600 is too steep, there isn’t a lot that
Disney can do for you beyond pitching you shorter vacations or
encouraging you to stay at a cheaper hotel off Disney property.


True enough. A lot of times though, it’s a $5-20 a day difference to upgrade to the Walt Disney World property. Waiting a little bit longer or collecting some more refundable cans might make the difference.

I have to say I looked at the new website and wasn’t that impressed. First off, there is a sound issue. It plays sounds and music and there is no mute option. Second, there were not a lot of details provided for the various packages they suggested. It’s the days of Web 2.0. It should be easy to drill down and get whatever information you need. You should also be able to subscribe to price changes or alerts for special opportunities. Didn’t see either of those options anywhere.

What do you think? Is it worth it to stay on property?

2 thoughts on “Saving money on an upscale Disney visit?”

  1. Staying on property is the only way to go. For me, its the best part. We stay at a value resort since we are rarely there, but for me, not having to drive is the best part. We drive down from WV, and when I get there, its nice knowing I don’t have to get behind the wheel for a whole week. Not for anything!

  2. This is a question I have discussed over and over again. Here is what I think.

    Disneyland: Yes, stay off property. Stay some place close on Harbor. Saves money and may be actally closer to walk than the Disneyland Hotels. That is not counting how the Californian is IN DCA. If DCA is your thing that is another matter.

    Disney World: We have stayed off property and it is very difficult and time consuming to get where you need to go. You are really a second class citizen and it can be a chore.

    Staying on property is much easier, however the mid grade hotels are not as nice as you would think they are for the money. The economy on property places are not so great either. The food is 100% fast food and um thats not for me.

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