Spaceship Earth Redo Rumors

Rumors are going around now that a major makeover for Spaceship Earth is coming soon. Not only will the wicked wand be coming down (and there was much rejoicing) but they will be redoing the interior scenes (although to what extent remains to be finalized). One of the plans even included an idea to punch through the double-skin of the ball and have the track go outside the ball for a bit. Looks like that idea fell through due to impracticality.

They really want to update the classic ride for the new sponsor. I don’t see them changing the track layout at all because of the expense involved, but it will be interesting to see what sort of new ideas they introduce to the attraction. One source says they could be updating the entire attraction. That source was not able to provide more details than that, however.

I did see that they’ve started extensive remodeling of the old exhibit area at the exit to the attraction.  This will likely be where the new sponsor, Siemens, sets up camp. The wand should come down before Christmas season starts this year.

3 thoughts on “Spaceship Earth Redo Rumors”

  1. I heard they were going to make it into an interactive entertainment experience (like Turtle Talk with Crush!!!) based on the Pixar classic, The Incredibles.

  2. I really miss the old World of Motion, Journey Into Imagination, and Horizons, along with some of the old narration and music on Spaceship Earth. I hope more things I like about it aren’t changed.

    Spaceship Earth is different because of location, but I thought that the other attractions could have been updated and newer attractions could have been built around them or next to them instead of replacing them.

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