Captain Eeyore video

Captain Eeyore? Wait isn’t that supposed to be Captain EO? The Angry Tiki Blog finds proof of one of 1980s and 90s Disneyland best kept secrets, Disney Cast Member Mashup Videos. In this case Disney Cast Members in Eeyore and other Walk Around Characters have done a step-by-step recreation of the famous George Lucas/Michael Jackson 3D film "Captain EO".

Video 1

Video 2

If you’re a Disneyland fan you’re probably finding this a hoot. Everybody else is like, huh?

4 thoughts on “Captain Eeyore video”

  1. That’s too funny. There had to be somebody fairly high up allowing this, since they had access to a lot of stuff that Disney keeps a real tight lid on.

  2. It was taped in the park after hours. it was filmed in sequence because you can see the sun starting to come up in the background towards the end.

    My DVD copy of ths hilarious spoof is a treasured part of my collection. I love showing it to visitors

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