Finding Nemo The Musical: Now on iTunes

Just a real quick announcement: You can now get the soundtrack for the Disney’s Animal Kingdom stage show ‘Finding Nemo The Musical‘ on iTunes. There are 19 tracks for the 35 minute show and the cost is $9.99.

Various Artists - Finding Nemo: The Musical

Keep in mind this was recorded in a New York studio with Broadway voice talent. So it doesn’t have the same energy of the show you’ll see at DAK. But it’s pretty close.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Nemo The Musical: Now on iTunes”

  1. But it has my favorite Crush, at least!

    I’m getting used to the rest of the cast, with the exception of Marlin. He’s just too different, but I’m sure I’ll get used to him too, in time.

  2. Greetings! Can anuone point me to a good reference source for international CDs of Disney musicals (stage and film)? Over the years I’ve collected HUNCHBACK, TARZAN, POCAHONTAS and others in many languages (French, German, Swedish, even Chinese) and I’d like to figure out what holes there are in my collection. Notes sent directly at [email protected] would be greatly appreciated! Thx!

  3. A GREAT film that’s essentially more that just about fish. Amazing visuals, voice talent, and script. A+ P.S. Ellen DeGeneres deserved an Oscar nomination for her potrayal of Dory.

  4. BTW, the CD is out now too. I’ve heard that it’s at Once Upon A Toy, at least. I plan on picking up a copy tomorrow night. :)

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