What it takes to just get into the parks these days

Imagineering Rebirth blog is back with a post that looks at the hurdles a guests must go through to just gain access to Disneyland on any given day.

You have always understood that waiting in lines at Disneyland is one
of the most oft heard guest complaints on record. What you didn’t fully
realize is that the waiting game begins well before entering the park.
In addition, you’re shocked by exactly how many of these lines there
are; five in all, with each wait feeling more substantial than the
last, especially if you’re arriving with the morning rush.

Five queues for the average guest before they actually make it into the park. 30-60 minutes spent on line instead of having fun. There’s obviously some room for improvement here.

Another of the points made is about the Parking Garage. It’s the first thing guests see in the morning and the last thing they experience at night. Yet very little about it is designed to be efficient or aesthetically pleasing for guests. Hopefully someone will have the courage to fix that mess soon.