First Photos of new Cinderella Castle Royal Suite

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The ImaginEars blog has scored the first photos I’ve seen of the completed Cinderella Castle Royal Suite. Located in the former storage/cast member break room in the upper reaches of the castle, this room will not be available to book, instead it will only be awarded as a prize as part of the Year Of A Million Dreams promotion.

I’m definitely digging the bathroom tub with hand tiled mosaics on three sides. It is my understanding that guests will not be allowed to leave the suite after the park closes for the evening, but they will have a concierge who can help them obtain things if they need it.

Look for this award to be given out early every day so the winner can have time to retrieve their suitcases and such and still be feted in the parade of the day.

If anyone wins this thing, I’d really like to be invited along for a peek!

Previously here. (Also see the Year of a Million Dreams contest info here)

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  3. my dream forever has been to go to Dsney world!!!Throughout my whole life I have never been there!I hope to one day be able to tavel there and stay in the suite!!!It would be a dream come true for me and my family!!!

  4. Hi, my name is samantha and my family would love to stay at the cinderella castle suite. i have a husband, and 2 daughters. i understand that people get “chosen” to stay in the suite, but can i just pay to stay there like a night or two? any price is fine. well not to expensive. but please e-mail me back, i would love to know. thank you

  5. Welp, Just got back from the suite. My wife won yesterday Christmas Eve. So how freaking cool is it. We spent Christmas Eve in Cinderellas Castle!! My 4yr old and 2 yr daughters were Princesses for the day…

    OMFG i can not begin to explain!!!

  6. ummmm, excuse me but like don’t you mean every 12 YEAR OLD GIRL would love to stay there. yeah ya might wanta change that because that would be sooo AWESOME to stay there!!!!! LET’S MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!

  7. This is so sweet! My dad promised me and my best friend, Kaylee he would take us on a major trip over the summer if we get all A’s by the end of the year! we were going to go to the Bahamas but then we found this! It is so cool! I cant wait! gotta get workin! see ya!

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