Back to Tomorrowland

Two interesting fan-created Tomorrowland links from’s Cory Doctorow today. To him and me Tomorrowland represents some of what makes Disneyland so iconic. As Cory says,

If earlier Tomorrowlands showed
our enthusiasm for the future, and then our sense that it had arrived,
now Tomorowland shows our deep ambivalence, salted with nostalgia,
confusion and cynicism.

So take a look at this video that looks back at the history of Orlando’s Tomorrowland. The Walt Disney World was the Disney Company’s chance to get it right after piece-mealing together a Tomorrowland at the original Disneyland. Alas, the current version of Florida’s Tomorrowland has been subjected to a severe case of multiple personality disorder.  I’m not sure the next attraction (Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club) is going to help with that either.

The other piece of fan created art is a set of posters that Greg, the artist, wished Disney would produce for the Magic Kingdom. This set is from pre-2002 and I remember seeing it then.  The kicker is that apparently a Disney executive saw it too and hired Greg to work designing posters for the themeparks. (Btw, Greg is also a columnist at (Thanks Matt)