High School Musical: On Ice?

Okay. I think High School Musical has been a great thing for the Mouse House. Obviously, it’s loved by millions of adoring fans. They’re even planning a sequel that will begin filming almost immediately after the current concert tour is over. But I think this may finally be taking it too far. Disney is now planning an Ice Show based on the popular Disney Channel musical movie.

According to Variety the goal is to have this produced, rehearsed, and on the road by next season (which I assume means fall 2007). Somehow I don’t think we’re going to see Corbin Bleu on skates. But the thought is intriguing.

If you’re a skater and your dream has been to perform HSM on Ice, then keep an eye on the Feld Entertainment careers page.

2 thoughts on “High School Musical: On Ice?”

  1. They have a HSM pep-rally at DCA (because CA is close to NM I assume).

    They follow the parade route, stopping ala Block Party Bash, and perform some of the shows bigger numbers.

    It seemed to be drawing a decent crowd.

    Shoot, I meant to post this.

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