Earnings News and Shareholder Meeting

Two big earnings numbers were released for the Walt Disney Company tonight. First we learned that the DIS Stock price has jumped to a 52 week high riding on the recent tech announcements at CES, but also on the next year of films, which is sure to be huge with Pirates III and Ratatouille. This is sure to make those whose bonuses are tied to stock value very happy.

One of those people is Bob Iger, CEO. Last fiscal year (Sept 05-06) Iger earned almost $25 million in salary, bonuses, and stock options. That’s only 10% of Eisner’s biggest payday. But still pretty impressive for the first year in the CEO seat. You can buy a lot of iPods with that kind of cash.

Probably not coincidentally, Disney released the numbers for how much Walt Disney World gave away via it’s Disneyhand volunteer and charitable giving program. $22 million went to deserving organizations like Give Kids The World and Helping Kids Shine.

Finally, for the Disney Company it’s time to let the good times roll. They’ll be holding the March 8th Shareholder meeting in New Orleans. The gulf coast still needs a lot of economic redevelopment so every event held in the area is a help. 

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