Disney Shortsightedness Strikes Again

A few months ago Disney Shopping stopped mailing their catalog to homes relying 100% on the online website for its sales. Although it’s a different Division a recent move by Walt Disney World strikes me as just as shortsighted. Disney World is no longer stocking those tourist flyer racks at hotels and restaurants across central Florida with information about their parks.

Calling it a business decision, the company will focus on informing tourists before they get to the central Florida area either online or at AAA or Freeway rest areas. The result is that non-Disney hotels and restaurants are feeling abandoned by the company creating massive bad will. Like it or not, the servers and hotel clerks are Disney’s front line with travelers who come to Central Florida. Disney should be doing more to keep these people happy not less.

The correct business decision is not to save some money by stopping printing and distributing all together, but to figure out a new way of doing it that’s even more effective for travelers and hotelier’s alike. Build up goodwill with these fine folks and Disney will be repaid ten-fold in referrals and free advertising. (Read)

2 thoughts on “Disney Shortsightedness Strikes Again”

  1. I work for a company that has worked with Disney in the past. Take it from me, they don’t give a hoot about goodwill. Disney expects the world to work with them, not the other way around. The way the company deals with business partners is very hard-line; there’s none of the magic you see at the parks.

  2. I have no problem with it. Disney is its own ad. The people feeling slighted should remember they would be standing in empty lobbies if not for the parks. That should be warm and fuzzy enough.

    I’m actually surprised that Disney isn’t putting an environmental spin on it. Seems odd they would pass up an opportunity to turn a move that is apparently not popular into some sort of “positive”.

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