High School Musical Phenomenon

The phenomenon that is Disney Channel’s hit musical High School Musical goes on and on. InsideBayArea.com looks at how it’s reached kids and young adults of all ages.

Acalanes High
School senior Stephanie Mull was one of the 2.3 million fans who bought
the DVD last year, and she’s put it to good use. Mull and her friends
watched the movie 10 times in a row on a recent weekend.

"We’re all fans," she says. "It’s fun, it’s flirty, and the
characters are adorable. I think it’s the fact that it’s taking place
in an actual high school. You can kind of relate to it.

That explains why schools and community theaters everywhere are licensing High School Musical for their productions. The result, American Idol sized audition lines and sold out performances. High School Musical may be responsible for saving the budgets of theater departments across the country

4 thoughts on “High School Musical Phenomenon”

  1. omg this movie is the bestest!!!! they are coming out with a second one! i cant wai t! i hope it is as good as the first one <3

    meee xOx

  2. High School Musical … am I the only person that doesn’t like it? (don’t hate me!) I watched it and well I didn’t think it was great. Firstly, it’s boring. Secondly, it’s sexist. Amazing how with American productions (esp. disney) it’s ALWAYS the boy who is the sporty one. Where was the girls basketball team? In this day and age, can’t America possibly change it’s sexist ways? Girls aren’t just for sitting on the sidelines looking pretty. I thought High School Musical was so dull, so unrealistic and soooooo American that I couldn’t watch it the whole way through. It’s wildly over-advertised and the soundtrack is sooooooo 90s. That’s all. Don’t hate me please!

  3. I didnt like it too…and I agree too.Where WAS the girl’s sports teams?We don’t see many girls in disney movies who are really heroic(but finding nemo is an exeption.Remember dory?).It’s like saying…”Girls should only be cheerleaders.”I love disney,but they are still giving today’s girls a WRONG idea of what we should be.

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