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Over on my original thread about Handy Manny I have probably 30 comments and almost all of them are looking for toy versions of the tools Handy Manny uses on his show. I’ve waited all Christmas season hoping Disney would come out with a set, but no dice.

Now some enterprising crafter is meeting the demand of the show’s fans and sewing a set of tools that look like they’re from the Disney show. They’re not Disney licensed, but when Disney fails to act, the fans will fill the void. Jump on over to eBay to find a set of Handy Manny Tools & Belt or the tools individually. The set includes a plush Felipe, Turner, Rusty, Dusty, Squeeze, Pat and Stretch.

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  1. It totally amazes me, when Disney is so on top of marketing their products, they have not worked on Handy Manny merchandise.

    Maybe they were waiting to see how popular Handy Manny would be? You would think with Disney’s insight, they would have figured this one out! Come’on guys get with the program…..

  2. My son will be turning 3 and i can’t buy him the one thing he really wants handy manny tools! What’s going on Disney you should have these out by now!

  3. Everytime we go to the store my son wants Handy Handy tools and he cries when I tell them they don’t have any. He’s just 3 he doesn’t understand. When are they going to be available.

  4. I was hoping that Disney was smart enough to have these toys out by Easter. This is really disappointing. I would love to have some type of soft toys for my teething little guy to hug and chew on… LOL

  5. The HM make it yourself onsie is 16.95… ridiculous. I was thinking of buying one for summer, but thought it was too outrageous.

  6. The plush tools are no longer on ebay. There is tool box like Manny’s for sale but without the tools, it does me no good.

  7. My daughter loves the HM show. Yes, I said
    daughter. She likes Manny, the tools, but she loves Kelly. I hope Disney comes out with products SOON!

  8. I still can’t believe there is still nothing out for Handy Mandy…My son will be turning 1 and he loves HM and I wanted to do the Handy Manny theme….how dissappointing…..he even looks like him…

  9. WE NEED HANDY MANNY TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My 14 month old daughter LOVES!!!!! Handy Mandy. She wakes up every morning asking for Manny and there’s no DVD’s or toys at all…when will I get them Disney?

  11. We love the show too! My son will be 2 later this year and I’m just crossing my fingers that they start putting Handy Manny Merchandise in the stores. I can’t believe Disney hasn’t already done this!?!?!

  12. After three Bob the Builder birthday parties, we are finally ready for a change. Where is Handy Manny??????

  13. Handy Manny is pretty cool show that from my view gives children an excellent way of dealing with simply everyday problems. One of the most obvious is giving someone their turn at doing something. But as a parent that sits and watches this show with his son,the most annoying thing about this show is the phone. Only one issue here…dont laugh..Manny’s shop phone rang for a total of 6 times before he answered it. When it comes to customer service, any retail or private business knows that good customer service is shown by answering the phone before the third ring is completed. Solution…give this guy a cell phone. Then he can be reachable if he is out fixing a resident problem.(More ideas for new episodes…he gets called to a real emergency) The primary reason why this annoys me is that his phone sounds exactly like my home phone. So everytime it rings for a long time I ask myself:is that my phone? Overall I am extremely pleased with this show and my son gets up and dances when they start singing.

  14. Mom with four kids who love handy manny!!!!

    Would love to spend money on Handy Manny Products,but there are none to buy!! Back Packs,clothes, toys, vidoes, bedding. Could you help a Mom out!!

  15. my son will be 2 this year and when we went on vacation in the states we watched handy manny he loves it so much he can’t say bob but he can say manny where is the show disney canada needs it also and the toys please when he sees manny he grabs daddys tools i need the toys please he loves handy manny please help me we need the stuff for are kids it’s high demand

  16. My son is turnning one soon and i wanted to give him a HM birthday party cause it is the only cartoon that he dosnt cry at he loves it and we have a ton of episodes on the dvr but the only thing i can find is some plastic tool cake toppers and invitations that someone is making and selling on Ebay this is rediculos dosnt disney realize how much money they are missing out on i thought they were smart

  17. My son is going to one in July and the only show he is really into is Handy Manny. I have made my own invitations, but now I have to use a different construction type theme because there isn’t any Handy Manny birthday plates, cups, centerpieces, or anything even associated with Handy Manny. I would love for Disney to wake up and realize that kids love Handy Manny and there is a huge market for anything Handy Manny. I have purchased tickets for the Disney show that is coming to town in December, Handy Manny is a part of that, I hope they at least have toys and merchandise by then for Handy Manny or I will be very disappointed and so will my son, since we will be seeing him in concert, I’m sure my son is going to want to get a tool set or something. Disney, haven’t you been listening to all of the people that are blogging about this. Handy Manny is huge, and children are dissappointed that there is not any merchandise. HELP!!!

  18. My granddaughter loves Handy Manny. I looked everywhere for a DVD. Finally asked and found out it’s due out in August. Guess that’s when we’ll finally see some merchandise.

  19. At least there is a timeframe! Who did you ask when finding out a DVD comes out in August? I can’t wait for Manny merchandise! My son and his best friend love Handy Manny and we have all been searching for toys.

  20. (All) Let’s get going and fix it right.
    (Turner) Twist and turn.
    (Squeeze) Make it tight.
    (Felipe) Trabajamos Juntos.
    (ALL) We work together now.
    (Dusty) Cut it.
    (Stretch) Measure it.
    (Pat) Tap it flat.
    (Rusty) Bend and Twist. .
    (Dusty) Just like that.
    (All) Each of us has a special job.
    We work together.
    (Manny) Todos Juntos.
    (All) We can fix it right.

  21. My son has a birthday coming up and he wants his theme to be Handy Manny. He has to watch it EVERY DAY. I cannot find a single thing in Handy Manny decorations. Hopefully in a few months BEFORE his b-day there will be something out to where I can come up w/the theme he so dearly wants!

  22. I don’t get it?????? Where are the Handy Manny toys??????????? My boys can’t get enough of this show and they need to market this show better and make some products!!!!!

  23. My 2 1/2 year old son LOVES Handy Manny.. That’s great that Disney has come out with a DVD,backpak and lunch box BUT WHERE ARE THE TOYS?.. Does anyone know WHEN Handy Manny toys and other merchandise is coming out?.. Please help!!

  24. Like everyone else..my son will be 2 and he(we) LOVE HANDY MANNY AND we need some toys. My son thinks everytime his daddy is fixing something that he is HANDY MANNY. PLEASE Create some toys from the show.

  25. My son loves Handy Manny!!! Please have some toys for Christmas. I would love to see his eyes light up when he opens his presents to see Handy Manny tools!!

  26. I found Handy Manny doll and his tool box with all the tools at the Disney Store at my Mall, Arbor Place, in Georgia. My 3 year old son already found Manny and has been sleeping with him every night. The tools will be a BIG hit for Christmas. Just thought you might want to know that the toys have FINALLY made it to the stores.

  27. We went to a playhouse disney live show and they have a few Handy Manny toys. We got a toolbox that says Handy Manny but the tools inside are just plastic tools and don’t look like the tools on the show. We also got plush tools(they sell them individually and in a set with the toolbox). A Handy Manny plush doll. They also have a hard hat, a cell phone, a lite-up spinner and a t-shirt. Many of the items from the show are on ebay. Disney.com also has added some stuff. They have the plush stuff and some clothes and a foam tool set.

  28. Went to the Playhouse Disney show. Handy Manny plush tool box and all the tools being sold for 100.00 I found the same item on the playhouse Disney website for 16.50. Bought 5 for the price of one. The people at the show should be ashamed of themselves.

  29. My wee boy loves Handy Many he is 3. He hates to dress up but at Halloween when he was going to nursery I didn’t want him to feel left out so, I gave him tools and overalls and told him he was handy many!!

  30. my son absolutely LOVESSS the show! we have the dvd and for x-mas we were hopen to find sum more stuff…but EVERYWHERE we go….noone has anything!! how comes this one disney show has no items out?wats up wtih that?

  31. I bought my son Handy Manny tools at the Disney store. I bought these in October to go with his Halloween costume. He takes them with him everywhere he goes.

  32. My son is only 8 months and we (He, Daddy and me) have all been watching Manny since he was only a couple of months old. My husband is often late getting out of the house in the mornings (self-employed, thank goodness) because of Manny. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I am frantically looking for HM toys for my little man. I hope they make them soon. Went to our disney store and all they had was a manny doll and no DVDs. Dissappointing.

  33. My grandson loves the show and he would love to get the toys of Manny and his tools. come on Disney get them out asap before the chinese make there version of the toys you’ll lose$$$$$$$$$$$.
    where all cars out..please get them out

  34. I don’t understand why you can find all these handy manny tools on ebay and nowhere else. They are very overpriced. They must be produced and sold somewhere. I would love to understand how that works. Thanks, Brian

  35. please bring out some handy manny toys i really want toget a soft toy version of handy manny for my 5 month old daughter who loves the show as its not too boy ish u could make a fortune on prodcts

  36. I have been watching “Handy Manny” with my 2 year old granddaughter, Ava. I also have been searching Disney Store, ToysRUs, and other websites for the 8 piece plastic tool set, and I am only able yo find it on eBay for about $40, which is ludicrous. My granddaughter tells me every morning that she wants to watch Manny. My son TiVo’s all the shows, so that she can see it whenever she likes. Why haven’t I been able to find the tool chest with the toy tools? It seems so very logical for Disney to sell this. I shop at the Disney Store online and in person, and I am very disappointed that I can’t find the toy tools. It’s a lovely show with an excellent message. Please give me feedback ASAP. I would like to get the tools for Easter for Ava. Thank you.

  37. re: Debbie’s post

    I have found Handy Manny plush doll & toolbox w/ tools at our local Disney Stores (but not online). Online I found a lunchbox, backpack, & suitcase.

    I, too am looking for more Handy Manny items – twin bedsheets, clock, anything!

    1. There is handy manny clothes at Sears. I just bought my son 3 outfits, a pj set and underwear.

  38. BEDDING!!! I have a 1 yr old that loves HANDY MANNY! I know they make it because I have seen it on ebay. I really think $60.00 for a bedding set is a bit much! If you know where I can get a set please e-mail me at [email protected]

  39. I just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World. I spoke to a manager in a playhouse disney store in Hollywood Studios and he said that they didn’t expect Handy Manny to take off like it did and they were currently in the process of making toys and coming out with different Handy Manny things.

  40. if disney cant produce these handy manny toys, i’d rather get handy manny pacquiao merchandise instead!!! uno dos tres quatro!

  41. I am a castmember at the Disney Store in my town and we’ve had Handy Manny merchandise there for quit a while. We have the plush tool set, along with the plastic tool set. These past couple months they have even begun to come out with PJ’s, t-shirtts, pants and jackets.

  42. I started watching Handy Manny while I was pregnant and now my 8 month old daughter is crazy over Handy Manny. When she’s crying and and Handy Manny comes on, she’ll stop immediately and smile and clap her hands. She once woke up after hearing the Hop Up Jump In song! She loves it…I love the colors they use, the personalities of the different tools and the very simple way it teaches kids good values, which is now very rare to find in cartoons. I also love how kind and patient Manny is and wish we could all be like that. =)

    I’d really love to get my hand on those toys…I’m sure my baby will squeal and giggle in delight!

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