Lessons from the marketing of High School Musical

One of the interesting things about High School Musical is how it was the first real break out hit of the iPod generation.

In print and online advertising for "High School Musical"
that preceded the movie’s airing on the Disney Channel, tweens
were directed to the "HSM" Web site to download a free track.
That song, "Breaking Free," ended up being one of the biggest
hits on the album. "It was a great way to sample the music and
to drive kids to the site," Whiteside says. "The interesting
thing is the track we were giving away as the free download
ended up being the most-purchased on iTunes."

I’m sure a lot of Business School papers are being written on the HSM marketing strategy.  Let’s see if Disney continues the trend of marketing in new channels.  (Read)

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  2. i thought it is really good one day i wish i can star it something like that i do drama club and love acting but it is so good marks out of 10 i will give it 11 it was amazing i love troy

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